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  • Do you use sodium hydroxide in your soap?
    Yes. it is impossible to make soap without using lye (sodium hydroxide mixed with liquid). However, there is no lye in a finished bar of soap as it is all used up during the process of saponification.
  • So why isn't sodium hydroxide listed in the ingredients?
    As all of the sodium hydroxide is used up during the saponification process, there is none left in the finished product, so no need to list it in the ingredients.
  • What do you mean by 'natural' when you describe your products?
    Natural can mean so many things when it's used to describe skin care and is often overused in the industry. To us, natural skin care is characterised by a high level of natural ingredients, meaning raw produce from plants or straight from the earth that have not been overly processed. Examples of these ingredients are cold pressed oils, nut butters, steam distilled essential oils and natural clays.
  • Who is Elsie Moss?
    I named the business after my wonderful, late, maternal grandma, Elsie Moss. She didn't have it easy as she lost her husband in a work accident, leaving her with 13 children to care for, the youngest being my mother at just one year old.
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